A Guide to Navigating the Social Customs of Dating Saudi Arabian Women

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Dating Saudi Arabian women can be an exhilarating experience for Western men. This is because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has some unique cultural norms and values, which many find intriguing and fascinating. These include traditional gender roles, family expectations, religious beliefs, and customs that must be respected when dating a woman from this country. 

The article provides insight into what itโ€™s like to date a woman from this part of the world, as well as tips on how to make sure your relationship remains respectful and enjoyable for both parties involved.

What Are Saudi Arabian Women Like?

Saudi Arabian women are diverse and multifaceted individuals. While it is important to avoid generalizations when discussing a specific group of people, Saudi Arabian women typically value their families and hold strong ties to their cultural heritage. 

In this section, you will gain valuable insights into the characteristics and traits of Saudi Arabian women. By exploring their cultural background and societal influences, you will have a better grasp on some key aspects of their lives!

Appearance Features

Facial features 

The facial features of Saudi women are very pronounced. Most have round faces with high cheekbones and broad foreheads. They usually have full lips, thick eyebrows, and almond-shaped eyes that give them an exotic appearance. 

The nose is usually small to medium in size but may be slightly longer than in other ethnicities, due to the influence of Bedouin ancestry from their nomadic lifestyle centuries ago.


Saudi women typically have dark brown or black eyes, which can range from light hazel to deep espresso shades, depending on individual genetics. 

Some also have striking green or blue eyes, inherited from intermarriage between different tribes throughout the regionโ€™s history.

Women tend to wear a lot of eye makeup as part of traditional dress codes for modesty reasons; the use of eyeliner, mascara, and kohl pencils helps to create captivating looks that stand out from the crowd.  


Hair color varies widely among Saudi women, ranging from jet black to lighter shades such as honey blonde; however, brunette shades remain dominant in this general population group. 

Traditional hairstyles consist of wearing hair long past the shoulders or pulled back behind the ears, although nowadays many women opt for shorter cuts, such as the pixie, etc. 

Wearing a headscarf or hijab is still mandatory according to official religious regulations set by local authorities, so always keep them in mind when styling your hair.   

Personality Traits in Saudi Arabian Women

Saudi women have a wide range of unique personality traits that distinguish them from other cultures. From their traditional cultural upbringing to the modern influences of the 21st century, Saudi women today have many interesting characteristics.

One of these is loyalty and dedication to family values and traditions. Many have been raised with strong religious beliefs that can shape their moral compass and give them a vision of life in general.

As a result, they often place great importance on maintaining family ties and making sure that all family members are well taken care of, whether with financial assistance or emotional support, for example. 

Because of this deep sense of family obligation, Saudi women tend to be very independent yet supportive when it comes to relationships, both romantic and platonic friendships.

What really sets these women apart from others around the world is their interest in education, especially in recent times where more opportunities have arisen, due to their increased accessibility through technological advancements such as online courses. 

This has enabled numerous young Saudi girls to obtain diplomas or certificates in various fields, from hard sciences to engineering studies. They also possess excellent entrepreneurial skills and talents that enable them to successfully run businesses while still effectively managing household chores, something not always seen elsewhere.

Saudi Arabian Womenโ€™s Stereotypes

Common stereotypes about Saudi women include that they are submissive, oppressed, and not allowed to participate in public life. While it is true that some of these restrictions exist for religious reasons, the reality is much more complex than this stereotype implies. 

In fact, many Saudi women have achieved great success in business and education despite social obstacles. They also play an important role within their families as decision-makers when it comes to economic or family matters, such as healthcare decisions. 

Recent years have seen a rise in activism among Saudi women advocating for greater rights and opportunities throughout society, both within the kingdomโ€™s borders and beyond, on international platforms such as social media campaigns, calling for gender equality across cultures.

Do Saudi Arabian Women Make Good Wives?

They are known to be devoted and loyal companions who put the needs of their families before their own. They have strong values that revolve around respect for parents and elders, as well as dedication to maintaining traditional cultural practices, such as hospitality towards guests in the home and self-discipline when it comes to dieting or lifestyle choices. 

Saudi women often pride themselves on being good homemakers, and many spend time perfecting recipes from their motherโ€™s kitchens or learning how to prepare meals that nourish their families physically and spiritually. Something very important within Muslim culture, where food is considered not only sustenance but also an expression of mutual love. 

In terms of communication skills, Saudi women often speak several languages, including Arabic, which allows them to communicate effectively not only with each other but also with people outside their community.

These women tend to demonstrate sensitivity in dealing with difficult issues such as divorce or economic problems, qualities that can help foster stronger relationships over time, even if things donโ€™t always go perfectly smoothly at first glance. With all this in mind, itโ€™s no wonder so many people are considering marrying one of them!

Where To Meet Saudi Arabian Women In Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh City 

The city of Riyadh is one of the most vibrant cities in Saudi Arabia, with numerous attractions that attract visitors from all over the world, including shopping malls, parks, and entertainment venues such as cinemas and nightclubs. 

The capital also boasts numerous restaurants serving local cuisine, making it ideal for socializing; making the city of Riyadh one of the top choices for men looking to find love among this unique population group!  

Jeddah City

The city of Jeddah is located on the Red Sea coast near Mecca, so many pilgrims flock here each year during the Hajj season. In addition to being known as the โ€œBride of the Red Sea,โ€ Jeddah holds several cultural events each year, giving you plenty of opportunities to network with beautiful women who could be your future partner. 

From art galleries and museums, showcasing amazing works by local and international artists, there is something for everyone to enjoy together here!  

Mecca-Medina Region    

Another great place that offers incredible scenery, plus plenty of potential dates lies between two holy cities: Mecca and Medina, especially during Ramadan when millions flock to these areas. 

The atmosphere offers endless possibilities to meet someone special through shared rituals or even just exchanging glances during prayer services at mosques, such as Al-Masjid al-Haram or Al Masjid al Nabawi.

If youโ€™re looking for more adventurous activities, youโ€™re sure to get lucky and find fellow travelers, among those visiting the ancient ruins scattered throughout the surrounding desert landscapes.    

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women Online?

Here you will explore some of the best places to meet Saudi Arabian girls online and discuss how one can make the most out of these experiences.

Online Dating Sites 

One of the most popular ways to meet Saudi Arabian beauties is through online dating sites which allow users to search for other members based on their age, gender, and location preferences in order to connect with compatible individuals in their area. 

These websites also offer additional features, such as private messaging services, so that two interested parties can get better acquainted prior to meeting up face-to-face if they choose to do so further down the line. 

Additionally, many of these platforms provide helpful recommendations when it comes to finding your perfect match by taking into account various factors into consideration, such as lifestyle choices and relationship goals. Making them great options when searching specifically for a woman from Saudi Arabia.  

Social Media Platforms

Another viable option is utilizing social media networks  โ€“ all of which present opportunities for connecting with Saudi Arabian beauties living around the world without ever having to leave home comfort! 

Of course, due caution should always be taken, while using any kind of public forum, especially when revealing personal information about yourself over its platform.

However, provided safety measures are observed properly then social media platforms could end up, being useful means during the quest for love abroad.    

How to Date a Saudi Arabian Girl

Engaging in a romantic relationship with a girl from Saudi Arabia can offer an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. With the right tips, youโ€™ll find that dating her is surprisingly easy โ€“ as long as you keep in mind the cultural differences between yourself and your partner. 

Here are some essential pointers to help make your date successful!

4 Tips on Dating a Saudi Arabian Woman

Respect Her Culture and Religion 

The culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is based on Islamic law, so itโ€™s important to be respectful when dating a girl from this country. 

This includes being mindful of her religious beliefs and practices, as well as respecting local customs and traditions. Showing respect can go a long way in helping you form an emotional connection with your date!

Understand Her Family Values 

Family values play an essential role in the life of any Arab woman, especially those from Saudi Arabia. Be sure to learn about her familyโ€™s background before embarking on your romantic journey together, knowing where she comes from will help you better understand who she is today! 

Additionally, ensure that all interactions between yourself and her family are conducted respectfully; it could make or break your relationship if they disapprove of you!   

Have Fun Together           

Dating should always involve having fun no matter what nationality someone may have โ€“ this applies even more so when dating a Saudi Arabian girl! Take time out each week to do something special, such as going to the cinema or enjoying dinner at one anotherโ€™s favorite restaurants.

These small gestures show how much effort has been put into making them feel valued, which helps strengthen relationships further down the line too!     

Give Her Gifts                          

Gift-giving is very common within Middle Eastern cultures like that found in KSA (Kingdom Of Saudia Arabia). 

Itโ€™s important not only for showing appreciation but also demonstrating thoughtfulness towards their partner, by taking time out shopping for meaningful presents, tailored specifically around personal interests/hobbies, etc.

Doing so demonstrates genuine care which goes beyond simply buying generic gifts off shelves at stores โ€“ these thoughtful acts will surely leave lasting impressions upon anyone receiving them!

Dating Etiquette in Saudi Arabia

When interacting with Saudi Arabian women, men should use etiquette that respects the local culture and customs. In general, it is important to remember that physical contact between unrelated members of opposite sexes is not accepted in Saudi Arabia. 

Men should also speak to any woman they meet in a respectful manner while avoiding overly familiar language or gestures which may be seen as inappropriate by some people there. Itโ€™s best for men to keep their distance when talking to women and maintain an appropriate level of formality at all times. 

Additionally, itโ€™s essential for men never to address a woman before she addresses them first, as this could potentially cause offense if the woman doesnโ€™t wish to engage in conversation. Instead of that, wait until you are acknowledged then greet her politely, but avoid excessive compliments or inquiries about personal matters such as marital status. 

These few basic etiquette tips will help ensure that interactions between men and Saudi Arabian women remain civilized, so both parties feel comfortable & respected during conversations or meetings together! 

Things to Avoid When Dating a Saudi Arabian Woman

Discourteous Words and Behaviour

It is important to avoid using words or behavior that may be seen as disrespectful when dating a lady from Saudi Arabia. This includes swearing, talking in an overly familiar manner, treating her differently than other women around you, and avoiding jokes about culture-specific topics such as religion or politics.

It can also be beneficial to research traditional gender roles in the country beforehand, so you are aware of any potential expectations placed upon your date by societyโ€™s standards. 

Touching Without Permission 

In some countries it is common for couples who have known each other for a while to hug or kiss on the cheek when greeting one another; however, this type of contact should not occur without permission from your Saudi Arabian date first and foremost! 

Physical touch has different meanings across cultures, so ensure your actions do not violate any boundaries before proceeding with physical affection towards them.  

Asking Questions About Political Views 

Most people donโ€™t enjoy discussing politics on dates, but when it comes to those who come from different cultures, asking questions regarding political views can lead down a slippery slope very quickly.

Especially in the case of Saudis, whose government may have strict rules around these topics which they arenโ€™t allowed to discuss openly, due to fear of repercussions from authorities back home! 

So, try and avoid having any conversations related directly to politics while out with your date. Instead opt for more neutral subjects like movies/shows/books etc., which still allows both parties time together without treading into potentially dangerous waters!  

Popular Places for a Date in Saudi Arabia

Al-Faisaliah Tower

This is one of the most iconic buildings located at Riyadhโ€™s Financial Center, and it offers a breathtaking view from its rooftop cafรฉ and restaurant. 

It also has several restaurants on different floors for couples to choose from to enjoy their time together, while enjoying some delicious food with an amazing skyline backdrop. 

Flash Park 

Located in Jeddah, this park provides visitors great views of the city, along with lots of activities such as biking, rollerblading, or walking around hand-in-hand while admiring natureโ€™s beauty all around them. The waterfalls offer serenity that any couple would love! 

Kingdom Centre Mall

For those looking for a more modern date experience, shopping malls are always popular spots! 

The Kingdom Centre Mall is home to many designer stores and cafes where people can spend quality time just talking over coffee or window shopping together; thereโ€™s something here for everyone no matter what your style may be!  

Qasr Al Sharq Leisure & Entertainment Complex

A luxurious entertainment complex offering plenty of attractions, ranging from bowling alleys to cinemas, makes it the perfect spot for couples who want an activity-filled day out during their date night (or day)! There is even laser tag available too, if theyโ€™re feeling adventurous enough to try something new! 

What Leisure Activities Are Popular Among Saudi Arabian Girls?

Sports and Outdoor Pursuits 

The fast-changing lifestyle of the country has made it easier for young women to participate in leisure activities. Since 2009, when physical education became mandatory as part of the school curriculum, there is an increasing interest in sports such as football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, and tennis. 

Additionally, outdoor pursuits like camping are becoming more popular with girls from wealthy families, who can afford expensive equipment or take trips abroad.  

Indoor Recreation 

Apart from sports and outdoor activities, modern Saudi Arabian girls also enjoy participating in various indoor recreation options, such as shopping malls which offer a safe environment for them to socialize with their friends outside the home. 

Other popular recreational pastimes, include watching movies at cinemas or browsing through the latest fashion trends online while using the internet cafes available across major cities within KSA.  

Cultural Events

Saudi Arabia celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year which offer great opportunities for young people, especially females to engage themselves in music concerts or watch traditional performances, along with other cultural events organized by local authorities.

How to Know if a Saudi Arabian Girl Likes You?

Eye Contact

Saudi Arabian girls typically will maintain eye contact if they have an interest in you. This is a sign that sheโ€™s interested and wants to make sure you know it! 

Compliments and Flirting

If the girl starts complimenting your looks or personality, then this could be another sign of attraction from her side. She might also show signs of flirting, like touching your arm when speaking with you, or trying to get close to you physically while talking. 

Open Communication

A Saudi Arabian girl who likes someone may open up more about herself than usual, such as sharing personal stories or thoughts on life topics; she may even go out of her way to start conversations with the person she has feelings for!

Body Language

It is important to pay attention to body language cues that indicate liking someone โ€“ such as leaning towards him/her during the conversation, smiling often at them, and playing around casually. These are all possible signs that sheโ€™s into you romantically!


Should I Expect a Language Barrier With a Saudi Arabian Girl?

When dating a Saudi Arabian girl, a language barrier may be an issue. English is not the first language in Saudi Arabia, so itโ€™s important to have some basic knowledge of Arabic or learn as you go along. Besides, cultural differences can also contribute to communication difficulties due to different values and customs that each person holds dear. 

What Are The Gender Roles in Saudi Arabia?

Gender roles in Saudi Arabia are generally very traditional and conservative. Women have limited legal rights, including the right to vote or drive a car. Men typically take on the role of provider for their families and make decisions about important matters such as marriage and education. In most cases, women do not work outside of the home unless it is necessary to support their family financially. 

Both genders also adhere to strict dress codes: men wear white thobes while women must cover themselves with abayas when in public areas.

Are Saudi Arabian Women Religious?

Saudi Arabian women are highly religious and devout in their faith. They observe the Islamic religion of Sunni Islam very strictly which includes fasting during Ramadan, wearing a hijab or abaya when out of the house, and observing prayer times five times a day. 

Women also attend mosques regularly to increase their knowledge about faith, as well as for spiritual nourishment. Saudi women often uphold traditional values such as modesty, respectfulness towards elders, helping others in need, and upholding family honor. 

What is the Average Fertility Rate in Saudi Arabia?

The average fertility rate in Saudi Arabia is 2.4 children per woman, which is almost like the global average of approximately 2.5 children per woman. This fertility rate reflects strong traditional family values and a desire for large families throughout the country. 

Women typically begin having children at an early age, with many mothers giving birth by their late twenties or early thirties. This trend has led to a youthful population that stands as one of the most rapidly growing in all of Asia and Africa today. 

Are Saudi Arabian Girls Educated? 

In recent years there has been a great effort to ensure that education is accessible for all regardless of gender. Girls have access to the same educational opportunities as boys in both public and private schools, with equal resources allocated accordingly. 

Female students pursue degrees at universities across the country specializing in different fields such as engineering, health services, business administration, and information technology among others. 

Are Saudi Arabian Women Good at Cooking?

They have a long history of traditional recipes passed down through generations and their cuisine is known for its delicious flavors. Many of the dishes served in restaurants today originated from family kitchens, as part of home-cooked meals. 

Cooking is considered an important skill to be taught to young women and so they learn it from a young age with guidance from older female relatives or friends, who already know how to cook well. 

Saudi Arabian girls also create innovative dishes that combine modern ingredients with classic techniques, giving them truly unique culinary creations that can impress even the most discerning palates!

Do Saudi Arabian Women Prefer Older Men?

Saudi Arabian girls may prefer older men as they are often viewed as more mature and reliable. Additionally, an older man is likely to be further along in their career or have a higher social standing than a younger male counterpart. 

This can make them attractive partners for some Saudi Arabian women, who seek stability and security in their relationships. Older men also tend to come with years of wisdom and experience which many young women find, appealing when it comes to conversations about life choices or decisions that need to be made. 

Is Online Dating a Popular Practice Among Saudis, Especially Among Younger Generations?

The popularity of online dating has seen a significant rise among Saudis, particularly among the younger generations. This is likely due to the fact that it provides a convenient way for people to meet potential partners from around the world, without having to go through traditional methods of courtship and marriage.

The anonymity provided by online platforms can also be seen as an advantage amongst those who wish to keep their relationships private, or simply do not have access to more conventional ways of finding love. 

How Do I Respectfully Approach a Woman if I Am Interested in Courting Her?

First, it is important to understand the local customs and traditions of the womanโ€™s culture. Respect those by researching them before approaching her. Secondly, be sincere in your interest in courting; do not attempt to deceive her or manipulate the situation. 

Thirdly, approach her with respect and kindness; make sure you are polite and use appropriate language when speaking with her. Fourthly, ask permission from a family member if possible prior to beginning any type of courtship process; this shows that you appreciate their customs as well as hers.

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